Who are /we\?

Founded with the benefit of 40 years of R&D and business experience and building on 295 years of scientific innovations to create robust technologies for the sustainability of humanity, Maxapiens is named after Max Planck (Planck length) and sapiens (intelligence) - to use tiny objects for wise use. We are based in the Newtonian village of science. 

Brian Corbett, MBA

Chief Business Officer

Brian has extensive experience of commercialising advanced scientific innovations with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. This includes the highly successful scaling of Entropic, a spin-off from Cambridge University's Speech, Vision and Robotics Group (led by Professor Steve Young) which was acquired by Microsoft. Brian has also worked for over 10 years as a core member of the International Outreach team at Cambridge Enterprise, supporting innovative researchers across the world

Moumita Ghosh, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Moumita is a nanoengineer working on electron microscopy and condensed-matter physics. She was a research scientist of Thermo Fisher Scientific Eindhoven and the only woman scientist of Q-SORT or Quantum Sorter and Advanced Technology Group of Thermo Fisher Scientific Eindhoven. Her expertise is electromechanics, defect engineering, and customer discovery. She holds a world-record in developing ultra-high piezoelectricity without using toxic materials. Her invention was recognised amongst top 5% research paper by the American Chemical Society.

Siddharth Ghosh, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Sid is a multidisciplinary scientist. He is The Royal Society Exceptional Talent, Isaac Newton Trust Fellow, and German Research Foundation Fellow of the University of Cambridge. He was also an International Max Planck Research Fellow. His scientific strength is quantum optics, biophysics, complex systems, and nanofabrication. He has been developing large-scale industry-academia collaborations accross the globe. 

Philippe Cotrel, PhD

Commercial Advisor

Philippe has more than 30 years of experience in the life science industry covering multiple aspects of commercialisation and product strategy. He was part of the commercial management teams of genomics and proteomics market leading companies including Illumina, Affymetrix and Abcam. He has also served as an independent board adviser to emerging life science companies such as Polyplus Transfection (acquired by Sartorius) or Europa Biosite, supporting their growth and guiding their commercial strategy. 

Sonia Contera, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Professor Sonia Contera is the Associate Head of the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, and the author of Nano Comes to Life (I, nanorobot | Nature Physics). She is a Professor of Physics and an avid admirer of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose. Her pioneering interdisciplinary research in nanobiophysics ranging from neurons to stomata. Prof Contera specialises in mechanics in biology and designs nanomaterials that mimic biological functions for biomedical applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering.

Our supporters and collaborators are University of Cambridge and its commercialisation arm - Cambridge Enterprise, iTeams - an MIT-Cambridge initiative, Innovate UK Edge, and University of Oxford.