Physics-driven Analogue Computing

for STaM / Sense, Think and Move


Specific task performing alternative computing systems for decision making in uncertain situations.

ExAPiENs at targeted location acting as artificial lives

Core technology

>> Atomically engineered quantum materials

>> Single Molecule Diffusion

>> Molecular interactions

Our physics and engineering uses

>_ Atomic defect engineering

>_ Electromechanics

>_ Single molecule spectroscopy 

>_ Time correlated photon counts

>_ Electron energy loss spectroscopy 

>_ Widefield fluorescence image

>_ Darkfield scattering image

>_ Super-resolution fluorescence image

>_ Single molecule localisation 

>_ Molecular interaction 

>_ Molecular shot noise

>_ Quantum noise

>_ Electron scattering 

>_ Electron absorption

>_ Transmission electron 

>_ X-ray diffraction